Fun headboard pad

Jan 17th 2020

Fun headboard pad

We have a nice mid century bed frame, however its slick and hard. Even with big pillows they always seem to slide around.

I saw something similar to this in a movie and thought it was a great idea!

I found a vintage Peruvian blanket off of Etsy.


Peruvian blanket

thick batting

linen fabric

vegan leather straps

sewing machine

 If you sew you can probably asses that it was a very basic assembly, which it was. It was so thick that I had to have my husband squish all the fabric and batting it together so I could actually get all the fabric under the foot of my sewing machine. I wanted to sew the batting in to it so it wouldn't moved around like a pillow  in a pillowcase

I hand finished the bottom and then quilted the middle by hand.

One side is bright and the other is a plain natural ivory linen color.

it just ties onto the frame. Its nice b/c over time I'm sure it will sag a bit so then I can make it tighter as needed.

One of my favorite projects. I just love all the color:)