Side door awning for our garage

Oct 27th 2017

Side door awning for our garage

So we walk from our back door to the garage ALL day long and when its raining and you have to unlock the door with a huge pile of clothes,  you get soaked. Did I mention we live in the northwest?

We needed an awning! I would love to put a metal roof on our house to modernize it at some point so hey, lets do metal!

It took me  awhile to find the right size and style but its looks so much better than before and its useful too boot!

Joel installed this in a few hours. it had some crazy super sturdy hardware that took a while to get in to the garage itself. I painted all the new wood we had to attach to match the rest of the garage.

We also installed a new light that would work underneath it, since our old one would no longer fit.